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Just a few of the many reasons I love Patrick Kane

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there is no other place, like the Madhouse on Madison

Best Hockey Bromance: Patrick Kane & Jonathan Toews (Chicago Blackhawks)


04/21/14: Goalie love from the Captain 〜(^∇^〜)


Captain Johnny being content with his goal


I didn’t get a chance to post my reaction after last night’s win. I’m so proud of everyone, and how much determination everyone played with last night. And of course the BEAUTY of the night…Corey Crawford!!! Talk about a SOLID performance!!! THAT is the SECOND time we have shut out the Blues and I gotta say I LOVE the feeling!!! Games 1 and 2 didn’t really have the “hawks feel” ALL THE WAY through the game, but last night’s game seemed to have the “hawks feel” throughout the ENTIRE game!! EVERY SINGLE PLAYER played their hearts out and it paid off in the end!!

They need to take that persistence and determination and do EXACTLY what they did last night and win Game 4, that way we can go back to St Louis with the series TIED. Then its just like starting from scratch (in a way) then we just need to win TWO more games and end this series and move on to the next one. (Silently hoping the Wild knock out the Avalanche).

I can’t wait a WHOLE day for another game. Hockey has INVADED my life and has taken over!! I LOVE IT!!! I love watching the Hawks play so much…they play with so much heart its hard not to get drawn in! They will take this challenge and they will overcome it to move onto what’s to come. Which will eventually lead to yet another Stanley Cup victory!! I believe it will happen!!

Hawks ROCK!! GO HAWKS!!!


4/21/2014: Niklas Hjalmarsson sacrificing every inch of his body. [X]

Hjamarsson is a BEAST!!! That man probably has bruises ALL over his body!!!


4/21/14 Blues @ Blackhawks, Game 3: Patrick Kane gets three times the congratulatory bro-bumps
For anon. :)