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<p>It’s not the way fans want their team to be playing, especially in the playoffs. But for fans of the Chicago Blackhawks, it’s quickly becoming a nightmare.</p>

The Hawks can still win this series.

Need more articles like this…love the positivity…and it CAN and WILL be done!!

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Hockey Meme: (1/2) teams
Chicago Blackhawks


April 17, 2014: At morning skate, when Andrew Shaw accidentally hits Jonathan Toews’ hand with his stick, they agree to let bygones be bygones by letting Toews hit him back

Kane’s enthused, synchronous celly with Shaw


April 19, 2014: Patrick Kane engages in a scrum the only way he knows how — with a harmless hook and by mouthing off to the refs

Here’s what I think…

Ok ever since the Hawks OT loss on Saturday, I haven’t been able to think of much else. A part of me is really worried but then another part of me remembers that when this team is pushed in a corner, they seem to always find a way to come out on top. This past season is first season I’ve watched like ALL THE WAY THROUGH (got hooked on hockey with the game against the Kings the hawks won to advance to the Finals against the Bruins last season). So I’ve heard people say that the Hawks have been in as bad of positions as this (if not worse) and they found a way to come out on top. Such as past playoff predicaments (being down to Detroit 1-3 and coming back to win, among some.) So I’m basically holding onto that to get me through the rest of these playoffs. Now with Seabrook out for 3 games, I am really hoping our depth comes out and we go back to playing the hockey that made us a force to be reckoned with from the beginning. One thing is we NEED TO STAY OUT OF THE PENALTY BOX!!! And we need to stop trying to “be like” the Blues and go back to being the HAWKS!! Focus on our speed and puck possession talents rather than who can hit who. We knew the Blues were physical but we don’t need to use that to make a point that we can be just as physical. We need to stick with what got us the Stanley Cup last year and focus on our best skills which are our speed and puck control/possession. Go back to basics (with a playoff mentality) and kill them with speed. They can’t score if they don’t have the puck. Get the puck and keep it away from them…find a way to find the back of the net and get in front of the net for the SECOND CHANCE OPPORTUNITIES and something is bound to get generated!

I still got faith that my boys can find a way to get back on top and force this series to go to 6 games (possibly 7 games) and throw the Blues off their game. I will forever be a Hawks fan no matter what happens. I’ve seen someone make a post somewhere here on tumblr that said that the “United Center is a Hostile Environment” and I tend to agree with that. The UC LOVES their Chicago teams and with the Hawks being the defending champions, the Hawks fans are only gonna come out with that much more love for their favorite team. Hopefully the Hawks can take that love the fans give and use that momentum to move the game in the direction they have to win. If we can win the two at home and go back to St. Louis with the series TIED and show the Blues that they have something to be worried about. Cuz they do. They might not think so now, but I have a feeling after Monday and Wednesday’s game at the United Center they will…and they will be a little apprehensive about the rest of the series.

GO HAWKS!!! Let’s keep Stanley where it belongs…IN CHICAGO!!!


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